4 Tips for Greater Productivity and Workflow

Updated: Jan 28

As a business owner, whether a fitness instructor, yoga teacher or other wellness professional, when it comes to how you run your business there are some important aspects to consider.

AWP is giving you our top 4 tips on how to manage your workflow so you can have a successful and strong business. We encourage you to make note of the ones that resonate with you and then tweak them to make them your own! 

We know that in this industry, we have varying degrees of work: days we see clients, times we teach class, finances to log, social media to update and other outreach to build our brand and our network. So this is an opportunity for you to explore some productivity tips and make them your own to bring more ease to your business.

Co-Founder of AWP, Sheri admires Priscilla’s way of organizing her days because she runs two businesses, supports multiple clients, and cares for her family. How does she manage all of that? 

1. Set a timer on your phone. Your phone is a beautiful source of work and also a wonderful place for distractions, especially with all of the notifications that can pop up. When you’re about to head into a project put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb, specifically to turn off notifications. Set an alarm or timer for however long you need to be in that project. Try using this strategy for 20 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, or even an hour increments where you’re focused specifically on a project. 

Placing your phone in another room and focusing on the project at hand helps put you in the mindset of grit and discipline. Before you know it, your alarm goes off. Give yourself a 5 minute break! It’s good to stand up and get your blood flowing. Set a new alarm and come back to the project or set an alarm and move onto your next

2. Work on procrastination projects first. Sometimes you’ll get projects where you feel like all you want to do is push them off to the next day and then the next. Often these are projects that your mind has categorized as hard or difficult. An easy way to work through this procrastination is to tackle these projects first thing in the morning. Your brain is fresh, you’ve had coffee or tea, and more often than not you’ll feel your most inspired. 

When you finally complete that project where you first thought, “UH! I just don't want to do this!” you’ll feel such a sense of satisfaction! Feeling that accomplishment only creates positive momentum towards other actions and projects that you are more excited about.

Priscilla admires Sheri for also running her own business, being a world class leader and life coach, teaching weekly classes, and being a major pillar in her family. 

3. Wear one hat per day. Doing this helps keep focus and keep momentum. When you work on your calendar, reserve specific days for specific tasks. Sheri shares, “Mondays are my admin days. Those are my days to sit and open up my calendar and make the plan for the week in terms of workflow, clients, setting up meetings, answering emails, working on finances for the business,  etc.  Tuesdays are set for meetings. This way, I can put on my meeting hat and know that I'm going to be engaging with colleagues, clients, and new collaborators. It really helps me stay in that mental state of interacting and collaborating with other people.” 

One of the best things you can do when someone says, “I need an appointment with you,” isn't trying to fit them into different spots in your schedule, but rather prioritize your business and assigning clients to certain days that you’re going to be the most productive, the most focused and the most available. The same goes for the responsibilities and tasks of your business. It might take awhile to get comfortable with this strategy because in theory it has always been there, but it takes a lot of practice and discipline to understand that this method actually works. You have to commit to it in order to see the results. It’s all about staying consistent. 

4. Connecting with clients through email marketing. This is something that Priscilla and Sheri cannot stress enough. Priscilla shares, “I wish I would have started sooner. I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years and I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of students inside the studio and I really wish I would have started implementing this email marketing strategy earlier because I swear I’d have a list of like a million people by now.” 

What are your productivity tips? We would love to hear. Email us or send us a DM on Instagram

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Author: Priscilla Luckhurst, Co-Founder AWP

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