I feel like everyone that I have chatted with lately has been feeling the same...tired.

In perfect timing, I learned the term FFT's from Brene Brown's "Unlocking Us" podcast.

What is a FFT?

A fucking first time.

And this year has brought an onslaught of them for this industry.

Global pandemic

Learning new technology...overnight

Change my business plan weekly

Figuring out my client needs without seeing them

Running a business while homeschooling and/or caretaking

Teaching virtually

Pivoting and pivoting and pivoting

Insert your list here...

No wonder we are tired.

We may think and hope that things will return to "normal." Yet is that what we truly want?

Disruption is common. Growth is uncomfortable. Change is inevitable.

How can we support ourselves to be right here in the middle of all the important learning, change and reflection that needs to happen? How can we make peace with this fatigue, these FFT's?

1.) Reset expectations. I have been practicing releasing the notion that I can somehow operate the same way I did a year ago, a month ago, a day ago. With each FFT that I face, I give myself permission to create a plan on how I would normally react and then I sweetly pick it apart with a huge dose of reality about what I am capable of right now.

2.) Tiptoe outside your comfort zone. My fatigue sets in when I choose to make huge leaps into the FFT's. Instead, I am sitting at the perimeters of my knowing and comfort and slowly stretching into the unknown. I am measuring my growth by thoughtful and consistent effort vs. how big I can leap.

3.) Rest. This season actually beckons us to slow down. The more we push, fight, resist and try to rationalize FFT's, the more tiring the work is. When you are When you are self-compassionate and when you don't understand...give grace.

4.) Trust. I know that this industry will rebound. Our ability to motivate, support, empower and teach is needed more than ever. Repeat steps 1-3 often, because the time and opportunity to create deeper connections is just around the corner.

Author Sheri Colosimo is the co-creator of the AWP. Learn more about Sheri and follow her on Instagram.

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