Membership Retention

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Member retention is always a top conversation.

Now it feels like a crucial one.

Our biggest piece of advice to studio owners is something that is easy to do because it is why each of you opened your studios: Connection.

It may also feel at times the hardest right now because of the fatigue, decision overload and constant pivoting that has marked this year. Your members have created new habits and rituals during quarantine. This is not only relegated to schedule shifts but also mental and emotional ones as well. I know from my own experience. I was a dedicated 6 days a week at a studio practitioner. I needed community, I needed accountability, I needed connection. Over the past 6 months, I found myself shifting towards making it work from home. It doesn’t feel the same but it checks a box. Not even the most important box for me: the one of connection.

Whether you are able to have members in your physical space or not, the invitation to you is the same. One of the biggest and best responsibilities we have in this industry is creating connections with our members and our communities: connecting members to a new space, connecting members with each other and connecting members with themselves.

How will you do that today?


  • Work with your team to call members and personally invite them to join you for a class. 

  • Surprise your members by reaching out via Facetime or sending a Marco Polo video message. They will love to see your face and receive your greeting. 

  • Send a personal snail mail note to welcome all of your members back. Utilize a service like Ink Cards to create customized cards that are directly mailed to your list. 

  • Acknowledge your members on social media. Tag them in posts and reminisce using old pictures so they remember why they chose your community. Utilize these platforms to express your gratitude for their support.

  • Seek ways to safely physically connect. I recently took a class from one of my clients. It was in the parking lot in front of her studio. Trucks rushed by, commuters zoomed. And do you know what I was thinking the entire time? Man, it feels so good to be together. Find a park, a coffee shop outdoor space, your backyard…the importance of gathering is priority over perfection.

Finally, remember to share YOUR story. Whether it be through a blog post, a video email, social media stories, or offering time to reflect at the beginning/end of class… Your WHY, your struggle, and your resilience are messages worth sharing. Your members care about you. You are the reason that they are a part of this community. Your candor will not only help to create a deeper connection with your members but will also create an ongoing appreciation for your vulnerability and humanness.

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Author: Sheri Colosimo, AWP Co-Founder
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