YES! You Can Have a Wellness Business During a Pandemic!

Updated: Feb 11

During these unusual times, we need HOPE and POSITIVE encouragement more than ever. The fitness and wellness world has not decreased in popularity, it has just changed. Therefore, your approach also needs to CHANGE and adapt to the new ways!

Here are 5 tips you can implement TODAY to help your fitness and wellness business thrive- yes, even during the pandemic.


Bring them down to 5 offerings MAX! For example, a personal trainer who owns their own business might offer:

  1. Virtual semi-private personal training sessions

  2. Weekly group workout classes

  3. 30 min Zoom personal training coaching sessions

  4. Monthly workshops

  5. Guest speakers on fitness platforms

This will create a sense of clarity when someone is confused and searching for support. People want to find experts in their topic with a simple approach. This helps demonstrate that you have a desired focus to create trust.


Increase your credibility by producing consistent content. When a potential client is searching for help, they fly past people who appear to not have credibility.

A proven track record is key. However, when you’re just starting out, you may not have many clients or testimonials. You can increase your credibility by having consistency in your offerings and clarity on your landing page. One way to implement this today is to remind your network about your offerings. Send out a newsletter sharing your offerings and WHY they are important to you.


Present a refined landing page that answers the following questions:

Who are you?

What do you offer?

How do I schedule with you?

Draft your landing page and publish it even though you may feel like it’s not perfect. Refine it weekly and even daily. Treat your website or landing page as your bed; you have to make it daily and maintain it consistently.

Since many people are in front of their computer or phone, it’s imperative that you invest in your online presence. You don’t have to provide a full website; many email marketing software companies offer a single landing page.

There are many additional ways to improve your digital footprint, and we can help you achieve this!


Invest in education and be open to learning new methods of how to run a successful business.

Ask questions that will help you find clarity in the places you feel stuck. In the wellness and fitness industry we thrive on positive growth. So as you continue to serve your community, reinvest in yourself so that you are prepared to lead.

We invite you to join us for the BUILD YOUR BRAND course starting on Monday March 8th. You can implement all of these tips and more to grow your business. Scholarships available.

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Author, Priscilla Luckhurst

Follow her on Instagram @priscillaluckhurst

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